Because of Winn Dixie
Opal went to by food at the Winn Dixie market. She saw a dog running in the store they said catch that dog!!! Then it jumped on the boss then opal said that's my dog then he said don't you no not to Breeg a dog in the store yes sir it Won't happen again and then she took the dog home.and then she named the
Dog Winn Dixie then he ask the preacher if he kood keep the dog he said
Yes .then she went to gutrudes pet store.she went in side ask him what his name was he said Otis.then she leaves to go home then WD rain off to a library Opal follows opal left WD out side she went in there was some body sleeping in there she woke up and she said her name was franny block she saw WD shadow she thought it was a bear opal said its my dog she said are you shore that's not a bear ok I'm going to go get my dog he dosen't like to be left alone. And then miss Frannie said let me tell you the story about the bear. Opal left and went home. She went to bed. Then she woke up in the middle of the night because of the storm and Winn Dixie was jumping everywhere. Tepreacher tells opal ten things about her mom. She was on her bike and her dog ran past the gate and the dewberry boys told her that was a witches house. Opal says calling for Winn Dixie so she goes in the gate. Then she sees her dog and Gloria dump said stop eating my sandwiches. Then she shows her the mistake tree. There are lots of bottles on there. Then she went home.ate dinner and then.she went back to Gloria dumps house then she ask if they can have a party she said yes but it's your party so I'm going to invite every one i no every body came then they pray then there a storm WD gets lost they go looked for WD they come back they did not find him they some body at the door they open it it was WD! Then they sing the end.
Robin Murphy
12/5/2012 02:41:18 pm

Wow! That's a great summary! Did your hand get tired from typing so many words? Love, Mom


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